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All about buttock augmentation

ASM reports More recent icons of the ample rump include super stars such as Beyoncè and Kim Kardashian, who celebrate their voluptuous derrieres and aren’t afraid to shake them! plastic surgeons get a substantial amount of requests for a shapelier behind, which is an essential contour of the human silhouette. Beauty is never more ingrained in the eye of the…

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It’s the great body swindle

Cosima Marriner reports.  The Sydney Morning Herald Noses, breasts and tummies.  It’s now the norm to want – and get – the best on offer. A young woman recently showed up at Dr Howard Webster’s plastic surgery practice seeking breast implants.  In the surgeon’s opinion, the woman’s natural breasts were perfect.  But to the woman’s eyes, accustomed to the sight…

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Make mine a COMBO

The winning combination of Tummy tuck with Liposuction and Breast surgery. ASM discusses “combo” surgery with Johannesburg cosmetic surgeon DR M Fayman Weight fluctuations pose a substantial problem for a large segment of our population. It results in unappetizing body changes such as “sock-sagging” breasts, hanging tummy aprons, unshapely flat buttocks, hanging inner thighs and arms. The skin remains lax…

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