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Tired of looking tired?

Dr Fayman explains…

Eye lid rejuvenation is considered to be a minor procedure that can turn back the clock. Usually performed under local anaesthetic, it’s an easy way to look more fresh-faced.

“The best candidates are men and women aged 38-65,” says Dr Fayman. “We not only remove excess skin around the eyelid, but may also restore fatty tissues under the sagging eye-lid in order to achieve volume where necessary – depending on each patient’s particular needs.

“Removing excess skin alone may no longer be the only solution. A combination with other minor procedures around the eye-lid area will achieve the best results – we may even combine the surgery with Botox injections around the external outer area of the eye, which helps to relax so-called ‘smile lines’ says Dr Fayman.

”Each patient is individually assessed to determine whether or not their blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) has to be limited to removal of excess skin only or whether a combination of skin excision and excess fat (bags) removal together with fat restoration is necessary.
You can expect your eyelids to be bruised for s 7 – 10 days, which means you will need some time off from work. Your eyes may also feel more dry than usual for several weeks so lubricating drops may be needed.

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