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Johannesburg plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr M Fayman, gives you the low-down on this most rewarding surgical procedure…

The large breast requires continuous support of specialized bras. Typical complaints include bra straps cutting into shoulders, back and neck pain, interference with daily activities like sport and dancing and on occasion, chronic skin rash under the breast, particularly in humid weather.

About the Surgery

The goals of Breast Reduction surgery are usually defined as follows:

1. Reduction of the volume of the breast

2. Re-shaping of the sagging breast

3. Elevation of the nipple areolar to a more desirable position.

4. When necessary, reduction of the size of the areola.

Various surgical techniques are available. The surgical technique has to be selected to cater for the challenge at hand. The most popular incisions follow a ‘key hole’ pattern.

Short scar techniques are available and used in appropriate situations. The short scar techniques shorten the incision under the breast. In some women, liposuction technique alone can be used for breast reduction, eliminating visible scars.

In most patients, recovery is fast and uneventful. Patients would normally be required to wear supportive bras for a period of a few weeks after surgery. Pain is usually minimal.

Medical Aid Payments
Most medical aids decline cover on the grounds that the operation is cosmetic. On rare occasions medical aids may decide to cover this procedure.

Psychological and Physical Benefits
The benefits of Breast Reduction surgery start with improved self esteem, more open pattern of behaviour, improved social interaction, improved sexuality, improved ability to engage in physical activities, reduction in body weight and improved fitness.

Preparing for Breast Lift

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