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The winning combination of Tummy tuck with Liposuction and Breast surgery.

ASM discusses “combo” surgery with Johannesburg cosmetic surgeon DR M Fayman

Weight fluctuations pose a substantial problem for a large segment of our population. It results in unappetizing body changes such as “sock-sagging” breasts, hanging tummy aprons, unshapely flat buttocks, hanging inner thighs and arms.

The skin remains lax and droopy after massive weight loss and people are left discontented with their new bodies. Plastic surgeons see an increasing number of patients requesting comprehensive body contouring rather than a specific procedure aimed at improving one area only.  

Undoubtedly peoples’ expectations in our generation are higher than in previous generations. Exposure to multiple media showing celebrities all looking buffed and glamorous, means most surgeons are faced with often unrealistically high standards to follow and meet.   The extended life expectancy and people’s increasing earning capacity, means men and women in the last third of their lives want to continue being active and look good for many years.  A high divorce rate approaching 50 percent in Western societies has also left large numbers of middle-aged women and men desiring to engage in new relationships. An attractive body offers an advantage and a better chance in engaging in such new relationships.  All these factors increase the demand for body contouring in plastic surgeons’ consulting rooms around the world.

Cosmetic surgery “Combo”

A variety of cosmetic surgical procedures have been developed to address total body contouring. The cosmetic surgical repertoire can now offer a thigh lift with buttock lift, breast elevation with reduction combined with abdominoplasty; liposuction combined with breast augmentation and other varieties of body contouring “combo” procedures.

The advantages of multiple “combo” procedures are numerous, and importantly:

  1. A “combo” procedure reduces the surgical risk by minimizing the number of anaesthetia that one needs to be exposed to.
  2. A lesser down time required for recovery compared with multiple operations from which one has to recover separately.

Total body contouring can involve cosmetic “combos” such as:

  • Tummy tuck with breast reduction and liposuction
  • Tummy tuck with arm reduction
  • Buttock lift with thigh liposuction
  • Liposuction with breast augmentation
  • Breast lift with upper tummy tuck
  • Other “combo” combinations are available

Million Rand babes

Multiple “combo” procedures involve much higher costs compared to single operations. However when compared to separate procedure costs of cumulative single sessions, the “combo” surgery costs are much lower.

“An attractive body offers an advantage and a better chance in engaging in such new relationships.”

Who is a suitable candidate?

“Combo” surgery requires much more complex planning and sophistication of the surgical team.  The safety of a multi-procedure is not necessarily related to the size of the surgery only.  For example, a tummy tuck will usually involve an overnight stay in hospital, however, if done in combination with breast reduction and liposuction, it will probably require two nights in hospital and longer time off work (two weeks, instead of a few days). One will usually need to wear a compression garment for two to three weeks after the operation for most of the day and night. The retention of water and swelling immediately after the surgery is increased compared to singular operations.

In general these complex “combo” operations require a longer time for complete recovery but the satisfaction rate is high, as most feel that they have “a new lease on life” and they love their newly emerged bodies.

People, who are generally healthy, would normally not have a substantially higher risk by undergoing “combo” surgeries. However, lets not forget that people who request a total body lift, usually already have a compromised health issue due to many years of being overweight; they tend to have high blood pressure, heart problems and other risky conditions. Smoking poses a significant risk in either one or multiple procedures. Smoking increases the risk of both lung complications and of difficulties in wound healing. Ageis not considered a major risk factor on its own.

“Combo” surgery can offer a dramatic change in body shape and it has many advantages. It needs to be performed after careful medical evaluation of one’s yield risk ratio.

Remember: Total Body Contouring is a feasible task within limits!

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