Upper Tummy Tuck

Introduction / Aesthetic Considerations.
The typical tummy tucks operations are performed through a transverse lower abdominal incision. This plastic surgery is more successful in dealing with flabby skin and loose musculature in the lower part of the abdomen, in the area between the umbilicus and the pubic region. The lower tummy tuck is less successful in dealing with flabby soft tissue envelope, particularly skin, in the upper abdomen, an area which is quite remote from the incision. Upper tummy tuck is designed to address upper abdominal looseness.

Patient Selection - A typical candidate an upper tummy tuck plastic surgery   would be a female patient with loose skin in the upper abdomen. The cosmetic surgery   is done through an incision under the breasts, either through a pre-existing scar in that area or breasts surgery done through an under breasts incision at the same plastic surgical session. The incisions of this surgery are difficult to hide under small breasts without sagginess or in male patients.

Plastic Surgery - The plastic surgery is done through incisions placed at the junction of the breasts and the chest wall. The procedures involves removal of skin, liposuction of the entire upper abdominal area, and on occasion, repair of loose muscles in the midline of the upper abdomen. The amount of skin to be removed varies from one patient to the other according to the excess. Typically the upper abdominal skin is suspended with heavy sutures to the deep structures such as the envelope (periosteum) of the ribs to avoid tension on the skin closure.

Recovery - Recovery is usually easier than for lower tummy tuck. Some tension and discomfort are present in the surgical areas. The scars require care much like lower tummy tuck scars.

- The upper tummy tuck is a type of plastic surgery that was specifically developed for treatment of excess skin in the upper abdomen. This area is not easily treatable with conventional (lower) tummy tuck which employs a transverse lower abdominal incision. The cosmetic surgery can be done through either two incisions under right and left breasts or a single incision which combines the two incisions across the midline. The scar across the midline is susceptible to thickening and keloid formation. The candidate usually has pre existing scars in that area or has simultaneous breasts surgery employing the same incision.

Are you concerned by an upper abdominal looseness and bulge? Are you aware of the unique advantages of the upper tummy tuck compared to lower tummy tucks?

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