Chemical Peels

Light Chemical peels include Alpha Hydroxy Acids Chemical Peels, Glycolic Acid Chemical Peels and Retin A Chemical Peels. These chemical peels refresh and exfoliate the skin by removing superficial layers of skin and promoting new cell growth in the deep layers of the skin.
These acids are commercially available over the counter in mild concentration in a wide range of cosmetic products. However, a chemical peel in the hands of the cosmetic surgeon involves higher acid concentration and produces a much more dramatic result.
The peel can make the skin sensitive to light and could result in redness, irritation and dryness. Light chemical peels help keep the skin refreshed and toned; however, they do little to remove deep wrinkles and severe sun damage and in those cases, deeper chemical peels are required.

Medium Chemical Peels
are performed with Trichloracitic Acid (TCA) or Croton Oil solutions. Medium chemical peels typically penetrate deeper than the light chemical peels and produce a tighter and smoother result. On occasion, chemical peels have to be repeated, for optimal results and reduced risks.

So what shall I go for?
Your specific requirements and individual complexion will be evaluated at the time of the consultation with Dr Fayman.

Considering chemical peels?

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