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Breast Reconstruction (Mastectomy)

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy for  breast cancer or for under or non developing breasts.

Various techniques are available for  breast cancer reconstruction. They include using the patient’s own tissue (TRAM flap), breast implants and/or breast expansion.
New medical techniques and implants have made it possible for the plastic surgeon to create  natural looking   beautiful breasts. In some cases, plastic surgery is possible during the mastectomy surgery.

If a breast expansion is used, the procedure involves several stages, sometimes employing breast expansion as a temporary measure to address skin deficiency. A TRAM flap usually involves excess tissue from the lower abdomen, and a nipple and areola are typically added onto the breast mound in a secondary plastic surgery procedure.
The costs vary widely according to the specific plastic surgery technique used and the number of stages required. However, these operations are typically covered by most medical insurance companies and medical aids. |

Considering breast reconstruction after breast cancer? Do you want to restore your beautiful breasts?

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