Birth Mark Removals

Patients frequently present to a plastic surgeon requesting removal of birth marks. Adequate diagnosis is essential before treatment plan can be adopted. Some birth marks require removal for medical reasons such as higher risk of malignant transformation. Other lesions removal can be considered for cosmetic surgery indications. Under theses circumstances the improvement expected by the treatment has to be considered versus the risk and consequences of the operation.

Brown lesions: When large, these lesions could be associated with a higher risk of a malignant transformation. In addition they often create a significant cosmetic difficulty to the child. When present at birth they can sometimes be removed with laser. Later in life they may require cosmetic surgery.
Red (vascular) lesions: Several types of vascular lesions exist. Some are noted at birth and other develop later in life. Some of these lesions respond well to a Vascular Laser therapy. Some require cosmetic surgery as they could be associated with vascular problems. Some involute spontaneously as the child grows older.

Is your birth mark bothering you?
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