Male Hair Implants / Transplants

Hair loss is a problem commonly affecting men, from their late teenage years until old age. A plastic surgical solution is now available, making use of one’s own hair in the form of a hair transplant. The transplanted hair follicle grows in a normal manner. Hair transplant leads to new hair growth two to three months after the procedure. The new hair can be combed, washed, cut and shaped as normal.

Hair transplant procedure involves harvesting an ellipse of skin from one’s own donor site and dividing into mini and micro-grafts containing two to five hair follicles per graft. These grafts are transplanted into the scalp in the pre-planned distribution.
The procedure takes two to three hours, and the surgery is performed under conscious sedation with local anaesthetic infiltration, on a day-basis.

Recovery is usually prompt and uneventful. Swelling reaches a peak at 36 to 48 hours after surgery and could spread to the forehead and sometimes to the upper part of the face. Pain is minimal and painkillers are seldom required.
One can plan on resuming work schedule and social activities two to four days after the procedure.

Do you suffer from hair loss? Was Propecia unsuccessful in treating your hair loss? Considering hair transplant?

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