Body Reshaping after Weight Loss

Total body lift surgery following extensive weight loss is a newly developed sub-specialty in plastic surgery. These patients frequently present after a gastric bypass or lap banding surgery. The patient presents with generalized skin laxity involving their entire body.

Tummy tuck is extended to a total abdominal tightening of loose skin on the back – the
so-called ‘central body lift’.

body contouring before body contouring after
Before After
Breast remodeling surgery, arm lift and thigh lift are commonly associated, and a neck and face lift are sometimes required as well. The magnitude of the surgery often requires several surgical sessions.

A preliminary requirement is for the patient to be of stable weight.

Have you lost a lot of weight? Do you need an extended tummy tuck? Do you need male or female breast remodeling surgery, thigh or arm lift?

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