Dr Fayman's practice is situated at the Rosebank Clinic.

Rosebank clinic is a private hospital, offering the highest standards in private health care.Situated in the heart of Rosebank, it is a well established Clinic with world class state of the art equipment and dedicated staff.

The Rosebank Clinic is internationally recognised and managed according to international standards. Dr Fayman's practice includes a Surgery & fast recovery facility Room where most of the Cosmetic Surgery is done under local anaesthetics and sedation.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive operations that require Theatre facilities are done in one of the 7 sophisticated Theatres of the Rosebank Clinic and the patient is recovering in one of the private wards of the Clinic. The patient is looked after by the highly trained and dedicated staff of the Rosebank Clinic.

Dr Fayman's Practice is run by a team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff members, consisting of:

Practice Manageress, Practice Secretary, Practice qualified nursing sister, Dr Fayman's personal assistant Surgeon, Practice accounts Assistant and travel-coordinator.

All staff members are willing and able to assist the patients before and after the surgery with any aspect of the treatment, or any other aspect related to their well being and care.


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