Lip Augmentation Surgery

Purpose - To increase the volume and enhance the shape and contour of the lip.

Plastic surgery - A variety of cosmetic surgery procedures can be adopted. Cosmetic surgical lip lift includes advancement of the pink part of the lip by means of removal of adjacent skin. Fillers are employed in a non surgical technique. These include Restylane Touch, Restylane Perlane, Restylane Lipp, or patient’s own fat injections. Other types of grafts employed for this purpose include Alloderm Dermis and Fascia.

Anaesthesia - IV sedation and local anaesthesia.

Facility - Ambulatory surgery or overnight stay particularly if other plastic surgery procedures are done at the same time.

Recovery - Swelling and bruises are expected if lip lift is done. Sutures either dissolve or have to be removed.

Costs - Prices may vary according to the amount of Restylane used and the type of procedure, type of anaesthesia and length of hospital stay.

General - A young lip is plump, full and well contoured. One of the signs of the aging process involves the lips particularly the upper lip. The lips become thin and the distance from the lip to the nose increases. The lip tends to droop down. The definition of the lip as marked by the vermilion border and “cupid’s bow” is lost. The border becomes flat. Lip lift or lip augmentation will increase the volume of the lip, improve the definition of the vermilion border and on occasion reduce the distance between the vermilion border and the base of the nose resulting in a more attractive contour and natural pout, typical characteristics of the young lip.
A variety of techniques are available to obtain this aesthetic goal and these techniques involve surgical sculpting of the vermilion border, restoring the youthful anatomical landmarks and/or volume enhancement by means of adding grafts to the substance of the lip. These grafts are either patient’s own material (fat, dermis) or commercially available (such as Restylane Perlane or Restylane Touch). The lip augmentation on its own can be done under local anaesthesia in the doctor’s office or in a theatre suit, particularly when combined with other plastic surgery procedures such as face lift, eyelid surgery procedures (blepharoplasty) or other operations.

Considering Lip enhancement? Face lift?

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