Ear Pinning Surgery

Large protruding ears can be surgically corrected. Most plastic surgery operations of the ears are performed on children between the age of five and 16 years. Parents refer children for surgery in their pre-school age to avoid social embarrassment and teasing by their peers and classmates, though it is not uncommon for adults to undergo ears cosmetic surgery. The Ear Pinning surgery involves remodeling of underdeveloped cartilaginous convolutions of the ear to restore normal anatomical position of the prominent ear. The incision is placed behind the ear and in just about all patients, produces a completely inconspicuous scar. The plastic surgery can be done under local anaesthesia and sedation on patients over 14 years of age.
Surgery length is one or two hours. There is no need for an overnight stay in hospital. Swelling, bruises and some numbness can be expected. Patients can go back to school or work two to seven days after plastic surgery.

Considering otoplasty? (cosmetic surgery of the ears)

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