Doctor Fayman's Biography

Moshe (Miki) Fayman, MD FCS is a certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Private Practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr Fayman has devoted his life's work to helping people improve their appearance through Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Fayman is an author of numerous publications and his contribution to Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has been significant.

Dr Fayman is a frequent guest in International Congresses as a guest speaker, where he presents his personal innovative surgical techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr Fayman believes in the "natural look" appearance and he believes in Improvement rather than radical change, when having cosmetic surgery. Dr Fayman strives for excellence in his technical skill performance and always uses the latest most sophisticated techniques and equipment.

In addition to being extremely involved and busy in his Private Practice Dr Fayman's other professional affiliations include:

Lecturing to Medical students and Post graduate teaching.
Member and representitive of professional bodies (click here)

Dr Fayman received numerous grants to present his valuable work in South Africa and abroad. Dr Fayman has published his valuable and extensive work in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in over 30 professional articles in major Plastic Surgery journals.

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